Getting the Most Out of Framing – Greta Garbo poster

Often we hear the concern that a frame will detract from the art going in it. The truth is that if you discount a piece of art by putting it in a frame that is too plain or thin – a frame that isn’t worthy of how great the art is – then it’s really going to draw attention away from your picture. A frame should compliment the size and look of the art, not fall short of it.

This Greta Garbo movie poster is a good example. No plain, black frames here. It needed something deserving of the graphic style and size. In fact, one frame alone wasn’t cutting it. So we stacked 2 frames together – a look that is truly custom. We were able to avoid using a mat because it was framed with non-glare plexiglass. Plexi behaves differently than glass, so the poster isn’t in danger of sticking to it.
Now that’s it been framed properly, this classic still looks like a classic.

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