Getting the Most Out of Framing – famous Yankees players

You’ll forgive us, Red Sox Nation, if we use an example that features the New York Yankees. Rivalry aside, all of you sports fans should remember that any sports stuff you get custom framed is 40% off this month!

It’s a common assumption that framers use a mat just for the look of it. And while mats do enhance any image, the real reason to use ’em is for the function they serve. A mat protects your art by acting as the barrier between your art and the glass. It prevents the glass from sitting directly on your art. It’s also the way that framers hide all the little ways that we safely secure the art inside the frame.
Take a look at this mat design. Two, or three, is often better than one. The off-white mat on its own would’ve been too stark and empty looking. So those little edges of the second and third mats give it enough of an accent to keep things interesting.
There are lots of other reasons that mats are important – we’ll talk more about them in the future.
Which mat design on your own walls stands out as a favorite?

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