We heart framing

Happy Valentine’s Day.

Since we’re at work and since this is a blog that’s about framing (albeit loosely at times), today’s topic is why we love framing. Customers often ask us how we like our job. Or they say, “This must be a really interesting job, getting to see so many different kinds of art.” And that’s certainly true. We see just about everything under the sun that could be captured in a still image in every format there is. And because art is universal, we get to interact with a huge variety of people. It’s hard to be good at framing if you don’t enjoy interacting with others. In that regard, we fall somewhere between your hair dresser and the local bartender – we hear all the stories that are behind the photos, paintings, doodles, prints, etchings, needlepoints, pastels, and scribbles. When we create a design for that art and frame it, it’s meant to last forever. Each frame is not unlike a piece of art itself. And we wouldn’t be doing this for over ten years if we hadn’t fallen in love with it.

Framing, we’ve never met anyone like you. You’ve stayed with us through thick & thin. You’ve aged beautifully – in fact, you look better every day. You’re generous and you never ask for anything.

So yeah, we’re not afraid to say it: we really love our job.

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  • Barry  On February 14, 2011 at 11:24 am

    Yes! Truely heart felt and true. It’s wonderful to be part of so many lives with such a great group of people.


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