Of course it’s real papyrus (wink, wink)

Summer vacation is fast approaching. And since a lot of the items that customers bring to us to frame were purchased on a vacation, we thought you might want to consider a couple of souvenirs before you find yourself abroad.

A large percentage of the vacation art we see is hieroglyphics and other Egyptian images on “papyrus” (quotes because the paper is often made from banana, not true papyrus). Perhaps none of us are going to Egypt any time soon, but we thought these comments on Virtual Tourist were an interesting insight about what you can expect on a similar vacation overseas. Not all “papyrus” art is created equal, and neither is every sales tactic.

Venetian-style carnival masks are also a popular memento. They may seem a little awkward to stow in your carry-on, but however you get it home, it can make a striking piece of art. Recently we framed four of them in a shadow box! This article on eHow has some tips if you’re going to be shopping for one of these masks.

What far away lands will you be visiting this summer?

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