Can I keep the can opener?

More and more lately, you hear about people trying to downsize and simplify their lives, to live with less stuff. Kind of like Sean and Lauren. On their blog, they talk about minimalism and how for them this lifestyle choice was about focusing their efforts and completing more projects. The same could be said for Colin Wright who only owns about 50 items – he has a visual catalog of them on his blog and talks about the day that he got rid of everything else he owned – his apartment, car, computers, and most of his clothes. And while this concept may sound extreme, you ain’t seen nuthin’ ’til you’ve seen the tiny, Tumbleweed houses.
These homes can be as small as 90 square feet. They not only make it necessary to simplify one’s lifestyle, but are also more gentle on the environment. Like a lot of people, we think about our impact on the environment and what affect our day-to-day lives have on it. We’d also love to live stress-free lives that are productive. But the lifestyles we’ve mentioned pose certain questions for those who love art and want to include it in their lives. What value is there in possessing something versus observing it? Does an item gain or lose value if it goes from being that sole item versus being part of a group? What is a person capable of if they own less stuff? And, pertaining to our recent posts, where would art fit into this new paradigm? We’ll continue to explore this and while we may not come up with any concrete answers, we may find a better definition of “art.”

If you had to get rid of the bulk of your possessions, what would be the top 5 that you would keep?

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