Vacation photos for dummies

Whether or not it feels like it, it is officially spring. That means it’s okay to admit you spend 98% of your time thinking about that upcoming summer vacation. Well, we’re very excited for you. And not just ’cause we know it’s gonna be awesome, but also because we’re looking forward to framing the photos that’ll help you remember how awesome it was. A large portion of the items we frame are vacation-related items, so believe us when we say that there are good vacation photos and then there are really, super bad vacation photos. Fortunately, the fine people over at Fodor’s have a nifty site with everything you need to know about taking better photographs. The site is simple, but thorough and broken up into topics as specific as “Shooting from the Land and Sea”, or “Photographing your Cruise.” We encourage every traveler to give it a look-see. Those pictures will be the best way to remember the highlight of your family’s summer.

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