Art shows with gimmicks are a dime a dozen. It’s fun to see how clever people can be when it comes to presenting a concept for an exhibit, but more often than not, the gimmick is just that. The idea for the show is a facade with no real art below the surface – it can’t stand on its own. But Single Fare 2 is full of real and exciting art that works within the show’s gimmick and on each piece’s merit. This is the second time that the Sloan Fine Art Gallery has put out a call to artists to submit any theme in any medium – it just has to be done on a NY subway metro card. Even not knowing this or the size of each piece, you might be tipped off by the tell-tale missing corner on each image. We asked NY artist Jonathan Allen about his work in the show –

“Using metrocards as a support was a humbling experience. For a couple of weeks I picked up used metrocards from the floors of subway stations. People looked at me with a mixture of pity and disdain in their eyes. In essence, a metrocard is a rectangle–but with one clipped corner, it betrays itself, no matter what you paint or collage or draw on it. Everyone in New York knows this shape subconsciously!

The show comes down after this Saturday afternoon, so check it out if you’re nearby. There are a huge variety of images and thousands of pieces, but here’s a sampling.

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