The Sistine Chapel’s ok, but can he carve the tip of a pencil?

Yes, that is what you think it is. A tiny sculpture of a mailbox, carved out of a single pencil. Carpenter Dalton Ghetti has been doing work like this for 25 years. When Odd Stuff Magazine featured him, we were mesmerized and wanted to share this incredible art. He doesn’t sell his pencils, choosing instead to give them away as gifts. He makes them using a sewing needle, razor blade, and sculpting knife. Notice we didn’t say “magnifying glass”!
Originally from Brazil, the Connecticut artist spends about 2 months on a sculpture. But it wasn’t always so easy. “It would drive me mad when I would be just a bit too heavy handed and the pencil’s tip would break,” he says. “I would get very nervous sometimes, particularly when the piece was almost finished, and then I would make a mistake. I decided to change the way I thought about the work – when I started a new piece my attitude would be ‘well this will break eventually but let’s see how far I get. It helped my break fewer pencils, and although I still do break them, it’s not as often.” We came for his art, but stayed for that great attitude – a healthy analogy for life.

The ones that break are kept in a box called the “cemetery collection.”

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