A museum of hidden animals

Do the works of Van Gogh put you to sleep? Has the history of Feudal Japan become old news? Do sea aquariums tick you off? Well, it’s time to visit the world’s only fully public cryptozoology museum. Located in Portland, Maine, The International Cryptozoology Museum is dedicated to the study of “hidden animals.” Director Loren Coleman brought a lifelong dream to fruition in 2003 when he opened the museum that features a collection he’s amassed over 50 years. It includes a life-size, 8-foot-tall Bigfoot representation; a full-scale, six-foot-long thousand dollar coelacanth model; 100 Bigfoot, Yeti, Yowie, and other footcasts; fakes like jackalopes, the Feejee Mermaid & furred trout, along with such Hollywood cryptid-related props as The Mothman Prophecies’ Point Pleasant “police” outfit, the movie P. T. Barnum’s authentic 3+ foot tall Feejee Mermaid, the TV series Freakylinks’ 22 foot wide “Thunderbird”, and some of Magnolia’s falling frogs.
So start planning this part of your summer vacation now, before it’s discovered that any of these creatures are real.

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