You look like you could use an awesome job!

Big Picture Framing is growing… fast! And we could use some talented people in our family. Yep. Sure would love to train some talented, fun-loving, creative people on our team. Sooner, rather than later. Anyone? C’mon, now – we know yer out there! The Boston Metro area certainly can’t be the only part of the country devoid of any unemployed creative and hard-working citizens!

Let me step out from behind my blogger’s desk and just say that I love being a framer. I’ve worked at Big Picture Framing for over 6 years and I don’t intend to leave anytime soon. Why would I? My background is in art, retail, and middle management – you don’t have to have that same experience, but I’m guessing that you’re background involves one of those fields. I love that framing isn’t anything like other jobs. Every day is different because every frame design is different. It’s custom work, after all. That means that I’m constantly learning and the days go by very fast. I’m working with the public, but not all the time. I get to work with my hands and my mind gets exercised doing different kinds of problem solving. Parts of the job revolve around working as part of a team in order to finish production, but within that time, I have to accomplish tasks on my own. I know a lot of people who don’t like going to their job
because it feels “like work.” I enjoy being at my job. There’s a sense of closure each time a piece of art is completed. When customers pick up their frame, they’re actually excited to see what we’ve done and grateful that we created something unique just for them.

So whadaya say? Contact us yourself or let a friend know that we’re building a bigger team. You can check out our post on Craig’s list or you can go to our site in the About section, fill out an application and bring it in to any of our stores. I’m guessing you’ll find out just how great a job framing is.

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