I saw her standing there with a frame, so I had to act naturally

Vinyl records, needlepoint deers, tiny paintings? Yeah, we’ve got it all. In fact, we’ve had such a wide variety of jobs lately that we wanted to show ’em off and hopefully give you some great ideas. And it’s not just a variety of art, but some unique design combinations that we & our customers put together. These old 45 singles of Beatles songs were framed using a multi-opening mat of black silk – the fabric mat offers a much deeper black than a paper one so it compliments the vinyl record. We used museum glass because it’s especially effective with objects and dark colors.

A doe, a deer, a female deer. In a needlepoint, that is. And yes, that is museum glass again. But it mustn’t touch the fabric, so we sandwiched it between the two frames. The only thing better than one Roma frame is two Roma frames stacked together – voilà!

We often see a lot of art from vacations, but it seems like there’s more than ever lately. This small canvas of the Eiffel Tower meant a lot to the owner, but it may not have looked like much to anyone else. It needed some dressing up. Traditionally, canvases don’t get a mat or glass, so they need some help standing out on a wall, particularly one this small. We took two different frames that the customer couldn’t decide between and put ’em together. We don’t typically condone combining metal and wood frames, but this was too good a look to pass up. There’s a “Purple Haze” colored metal frame inside and a – yep, you guessed it – Roma frame around the outside.

Let us know what you think of these. Do they give you any ideas about what you’ll do differently the next time you frame something of your own?

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