Give Todd McFarlane a hand

Some people say they can draw. Some people say they can’t. The fact is that we can all draw – that’s one of the terrific things about creating art. But be assured, even the people who profess their drawing skills will tell you that drawing the human hand is hard. Even if they don’t admit that, they probably don’t like drawing hands.

Meet comic book artist Todd McFarlane. In the late 1980s and early 90s, McFarlane became the John Grisham of comic books. Every book he drew, and then began writing, was a monster success. Comic book shops were selling out of books he did in numbers that the industry hadn’t seen before. His biggest mainstream success was a run on Spider-Man, followed quickly by his own creation, Spawn. Now McFarlane’s produced a series of how-to videos about drawing. I think I can draw a pretty decent hand – I took numerous anatomy classes in college and I’ve seen all sorts of techniques. But watching this clip makes me feel silly for ever struggling at it. I wanted to share this video ’cause I think anyone could become a hand-drawing expert with these instructions (no, I’m not getting a cut of Todd’s profits.) Even if you don’t care to take a crack at drawing, it’s fascinating to watch someone work who makes a living doing this. It’s not just that it looks like a hand, but he effortlessly nails the gesture and implication of action.

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