You + 3D paintings = 4D art

Do the math – three-dimensional paintings that you can interact with = four dimensions? The idea pretty much speaks for itself, so we won’t get too philosophical on this one. Exceeeeppt… much like the 3D drawings by Fredo, we’re not that interested in the craft of this art. These paintings from a new contemporary art exhibition in North East China use a lot of old school trickery and illusions that are well executed, yes. But the idea behind each one is what’s fascinating. Try to wrap yer head around painting a self-portrait of Van Gogh based on a self-portrait of Van Gogh… and you’re painting it! But even beyond these clever concepts, consider this: Can this work stand on its own or does it require 2 people to appreciate it – the viewer and the person interacting with the painting? If an interactive painting is alone in the museum, is it art?
Alright, so we got a little philosophical.
The consensus is that the slingshot is our favorite. What’s yours?

source MailOnline

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