The Flash was framed!

It’s not a secret that a lot of our staff are pretty big nerds at heart. So it was of personal interest when a customer brought in an original page of comic book art to one of our stores. It’s from a 1962 issue of DC Comics’ The Flash. The cover and interior art were done by Carmine Infantino, a DC house artist who depicted nearly every one of their characters at one time or another. But his claim to fame was definitely the Flash.
It just so happens *ahem* that one of our staff owns a copy of this issue, so you can see what the printed result looks like next to the actual art. Pretty much one of the top 10 coolest things we’ve ever gotten to frame!

It belongs to a regular customer of ours. “He’s framed a couple of comic pages already with us,” says Jimmy, store manager. “Besides the Flash page, there was Nick Fury, Agent of SHIELD and one with the Atom. The customer prefers a black metal frame with a natural white top mat and a second, red mat. He likes his comic art to be framed like a set. It’s all archivally mounted with acid-free tape and our UV conservation clear glass.” Frankly, we don’t think the scarlet speedster’s ever looked better!

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  • jimmy  On June 9, 2011 at 10:43 pm

    Yay!!!! I ‘m waiting for his next surprise. Who knows what it’ll be.

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