Diaper Derby fundraiser to help new Mom and daughter, each with cancer

Kezia is our friend and colleague who recently became a new mother and was then diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. Shortly after that, her daughter, Saoirse, was found to have Neuroblastoma, another form of cancer. In the time since, Saoirse and Kezia have both undergone various treatments and experienced their respective shares of pain & frustration. But currently the family is out of the hospital and back home in some semblance of normalcy. The big news is that Saoirse is going to be walking any day now. Kezia says, “She loves her swing, and she loves gardening with Dad. It’s so nice to see her getting back to normal and learning so many new things. I just watch with wonder every day as she figures out something new. She’s very close to walking, and I’m sure within the next week or two we are going to be chasing her around the house and the yard, running along behind her every step.” You should check out her blog, New Mom… New Cancer, about the whole experience.

A Diaper Derby Fundraiser has been organized to help raise money for their numerous medical bills. Participants can register to race their own speed demon or bet on sponsor an infant of their choice. What a great idea! – a playdate that benefits a worthy cause. Details below and on the Faceboook event page.

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