How you can get in the V groove

That little white outline on the red mat around Bruce Springsteen may not seem like a big deal, but it can make all the difference when it comes to custom framing. It’s called a V groove and it’s one of those extra details that keeps a framed item from looking ordinary. Often times, including an item like an additional mat color or a fillet is too much – too busy or too heavy. But the V groove is a subtle highlight that helps bring just the right amount of attention. It’s made by cutting the mat, exposing the white (or black) core beneath the color, and then piecing it back together. It’s usually done just outside the opening where the art appears.
Now you’ve got another piece of info that’ll help you make your framed goodies that much more personalized. Give it a try the next time you get anything custom framed. Maybe these examples will give you some ideas.

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