Congrats to 2011 Grads on your custom framing!

WOO-HOO! You did it – you got your diploma and everyone knows that you’re super smart so it’s time to get a job. Not so fast. First, you have to put that official certificate in a frame. After all, it cost you anywhere from two to six years of your life, bags of money, and effort that can’t be measured. For Pete’s sake, don’t leave it in a drawer… show it off!
Custom framing is the best way to protect it, too. Light and other environmental factors can’t wait to lay waste to that piece of paper. But conservation glass and acid-free materials will make short work of those pesky elements.
So, now that you’re ready to frame your ticket to the professional world, you’ll want it to look great. “But I don’t want to take away from the diploma,” people often say. “I want to see it, not the frame.” Well ya know what? If you put it in a boring design, they will be looking at the frame. You’re not gonna dress plainly for that first job interview, and your diploma shouldn’t go in a plain frame – dress it up!
Don’t be scared – your frame design doesn’t have to be over the top. Take a look at these two certificates…

Both have a simple, dark frame. But the first one is a little generic for a school diploma and the single mat looks a little flat. The second piece is in a frame with some detail and it has two mats with a bevel accent between them. This adds a hint of color and a sense of depth. See, not in yer face, but juuuuuust right. That’s the magic of a good custom frame design. Don’t try this at home folks, we’re professionals.
Be sure to bring in your own diploma and we can show you lots of options for any budget. Plus, our work is unconditionally guaranteed for life. And that’s how long you want your diploma to last – for life!

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