Judith G. Klausner works From Scratch

When we discovered this beautiful work by Judith G. Klausner online, we had no idea that she’s a local artist in Somerville, MA – woo-hoo, represent! She’s got quite a varied portfolio, but all her subjects reflect her “love for small, intricate, and overlooked things.” In 2005, she began working with insects. Her current body of work, “From Scratch”, revolves around different edible items (alright, we know someone’s gonna argue that insects are edible – keep it to yourself.) It was her cameo portraits carved out of the creme filling in Oreo cookies that got our attention. But then we found Klausner’s embroidered toast and needlepoint-ed cereal – wow!
The typical artist statement can leave ya cold. We don’t wanna have to read a plaque on the wall to enjoy the art we’re looking at. But Klausner’s statement regarding her current work with food is refreshing and leaves out any art-speak. Her point is that a woman’s roll was once upon a time to stay at home all day and prepare the meals. The use of delicate skills in her art reflect that same attention and care – and they also give you that domestic feeling. Then she points out that our modern world had created a paradox: food has been mechanized and there is no longer the same care that goes into making it – it’s processed. But that in turn has led to more time that women can put toward other creative outlets they couldn’t have when they were stuck in the kitchen. It’s a beautiful circle of cause and effect that she illustrates in a way that’s lovely & interesting to look at, but we didn’t need to know it in order to appreciate her skill and imagination. That’s a big key to true art – have a point to your work, but don’t hide it and at the same time don’t hit us over the head with it. In a word, subtle. Or in another word, talent.

Our favorite is the toast with embroidered mold – love it! What’s your favorite?

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