Keetra Dean Dixon’s Divided Banners say it all

“Divided Banners” by Keetra Dean Dixon might test your definition of “art”. In fact, comment and let us know your take on these. She works under the moniker FromKeetra and has been working with words for several years. These are some of the most direct, most stripped down pieces she’s done, absent of most elements other than language. So is it art because it’s on the wall? Is it art because of the craft involved in constructing the banner and choosing the colors? Or is the idea behind each word play enough to constitute art? Without putting words in your mouth (c’mon, ya gotta give us that one) we will say that it fulfills a criteria we’ve established on here before – that one shouldn’t have to read the artist’s statement in order to appreciate the work. She may have a bigger concept behind these banners, but they certainly make us think and leave a visual impression without any further explanation. Perhaps that in itself qualifies them as art.

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