If you could frame one Bruins jersey… ?

Ok, one more Bruins post then we’ll drop the subject. (Until the next time they make it to the finals.) Even if you’re not a sports fan and you’re tired of the subject, ya gotta admit that we’re allowed to be excited about this piece that we finished recently. Of all the Bruins items coming in over the past couple of weeks, this was a stand-out. It’s a jersey signed by Tim Thomas, yes. But it’s the style worn in the 2010 Winter Classic game against the Philadelphia Flyers. It’s hard to tell in these photos, but the giveaway is that instead of the standard black and yellow, it’s a dark brown and yellow. The third Winter Classic was held at Fenway Park on January 1 and the result was a dramatic 2–1 overtime win for Boston, making the Bruins the first home team to win an NHL outdoor game.
Our standard practice is to stitch the shirt to a mat that makes up the back wall of the frame. In this case we used a black, suede mat. We typically design any sports jersey with a suede mat – the color is deeper than any paper mat and if you display fabric on paper, it often looks odd. We then construct walls made out of the mat inside the shadow box in order to hold up the glass and keep it off the shirt. That amount of labor combined with the size of your typical jersey makes a job like this as much as it is, but we think you’ll agree that it’s worth the amazing results. This thing was impressive! – even to those of us who don’t follow hockey. It’s going to make an amazing addition to the customer’s man cave and since we did it right, it’ll last the ages.

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