Tahiti Pehrson says “Guilloche”, we say “Wow!”

Don’t ya love it when two of your favorite ideas just happen to come together? Today we’ve got an artist whose work combines two elements that have been familiar themes here.
Tahiti Pehrson works in paper. We’ve discussed our share of artists who sculpt & cut their art out of paper in various, unique ways. But get ready – Pehrson works in a way that’s gonna make your head hurt a little. His technique relates to the other common denominator for us – money. While we’ve done posts that highlight art made out of money, currency itself is an art. The intricate, interweaving lines that are seen on bills all over the world are done using Guilloche. Wikipedia defines Guilloche as “a decorative engraving technique in which a very precise intricate repetitive pattern or design is mechanically engraved into an underlying material with fine detail.” Well, Pehrson doesn’t do it mechanically. He does it by hand with these…Tahiti Pehrson lives in Northern California and he’s been cutting these intricate paper works for over a decade. When we first saw them, we looked at several of the pics for a few seconds before it dawned on us how these must have been made. *shudder* We’ll happily go back to cutting our single mat openings now.

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