Cancer-battling Mom & Daughter forge on

Time for an update on Kezia and Saoirse. We were glad to hear that they’re getting some media notice. In the past few days, both the local CBS and NBC affiliates featured them! Saoirse looks adorable & happy in both the clips – check ’em out here and here.

Things have been somewhat turbulent lately. The run-of-the-mill frustrations that any of us experience with the medical field – making appointments, waiting to be seen, waiting some more, trying to get a straight answer – are all magnified by 10 times 2 for the Fitzgeralds. When reading Kezia’s blog, one wonders why someone already battling cancer should have to contend with further complications. All the more inspiring that she displays the upbeat attitude that’s no doubt helped them make it this far. After Kezia’s second to last chemo treatment last week, Saoirse goes in for another round this week and a bone marrow biopsy. Mom says, “Now for the chemo and the never-ending job of keeping a one-year-old entertained while she’s attached to a pump and giant pole for 5 hours. I didn’t want to sit down anyways; that would be boring. Bring it on!”

If you watch the 2 news videos, you’ll get just a sense of the toll this is taking on their finances. In addition to medical bills, the family needs money for groceries, parking at the hospitals, gas, and other basics. They currently have two fund-raising projects going on. This Saturday is the 1st Annual Hoops to Help Charity Basketball Tournament and Picnic in Arlington, MA. It happens July 16 from 10:30am-1:30pm – check out the link for all the info. They’ve also set up a donation page for the family through FirstGiving and the Ishan Gala Foundation. This page will accept credit card donations of any size, and since it is through a not for profit organization, is completely tax-deductible. The money is collected by the foundation, and the Fitzgeralds are reimbursed for living and medical expenses while Saoirse is going through treatment. The Gala foundation has been truly wonderful, awarding them a $1000 dollar grant to help with expenses. This site will also help with the increasing cost of Saoirse’s treatments.

We encourage you to visit Kezia’s blog or any of the Facebook pages. After reading any of those sites or watching either of the tv videos, your heart can’t help but go out to them. Please consider doing the same with a few dollars. Every little bit helps and you can continue to follow their progress here. Thanks for stopping by.

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