Kylie Stillman’s carved books may fly away with you

It’s no secret that we’re big fans of art that makes use of paper in unique ways. We probably average about one artist a week that carves, folds, cuts, or otherwise uses paper in some way that you’ve never seen before. And try as might to ignore that cellulose monkey on our back, here we are again. But Kylie Stillman‘s work isn’t only about the craft. At first glance, these sculptures using books, venetian blinds, and sale signs may look like another case of put-a-bird-on-ititus. But there are some subtle hints about bigger ideas. Like the nature of paper – specifically the impact it has, good or bad, on your environment. That book you’re holding may have at one time held a nest.
Our favorite is definitely the shelf of books at the bottom. Hopefully, working large is Stillman’s next step – we’d love to see what kind of work a bigger scale would yield.

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