Virtually catching a wave as art

Definition of art #372 might be “when science meets creativity.” But positing that might tick off any scientists in the audience who could argue good science requires creativity already. Ok, so we’ll rephrase that and say art could be “whenever science is used toward an end that isn’t practical.” Case in point: data buoy station 46246 in the Pacific Ocean is collecting wave data in real-time for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. It records the intensity and frequency of the water’s movement at this remote location (up, faster, down, to the side, up, slower, etc) and transfers it to a mechanical grid structure installed at The National Museum in Wroclaw, Poland. Now remember this rule that seems to be true for all really good art: it’s interesting to know all that stuff, but even if you didn’t, this would still be pretty cool… hyp-no-ti-zing even…

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