Pizza topped with the human experience

And now for something completely different. A friend sent us a link to this movie trailer and we almost didn’t watch it. The name “Rock-afire Explosion” didn’t mean anything to us and there was no indication what type of movie it was. When we watched it out of curiosity, it hit us on so many different levels.

Before Chuck E Cheese usurped the pizza-restaurant-with-animatronic-band niche, there was the Rock-afire Explosion. This 2008 movie is about its legacy and the people it impacted. Sound cheesy? Yes, and only kinda. While we haven’t had the pleasure of getting our greasy little hands on a copy of this yet (free screener copy anyone?), the trailer makes it appear to encapsulate everything dear about the human experience. Love, art, loss, a reason to live, the importance of one’s childhood – all told with a quirky bent that almost no one watching could have imagined. And yet, we’re drawn to the subjects and their attempt to achieve the impossible dream – to freeze time and live in their happy-place forever.
Too grandiose? We’ll see. Who wants to watch with us?

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