Michael Johansson will thrift store shop you under the table

Does anybody like moving? Geez – no one, right? We can’t stand moving, and if you feel likewise, Michael Johansson’s sculptures might give you nightmares.
Johansson was born in Trollhättan 1975, took his MA at the Art Academy in Malmö 2005, where he still lives and works. We were enthralled with his monuments to other people’s refuse. They’ve got it all – color, textures, composition. There’s no actual sculpting, yet Johansson’s control of these inanimate objects and his ability to shape them without changing their essence is very seductive. That is to say, the scales are still just scales – but who would ever place one on top of another? They aren’t attached as if they were truly a piece of art – more like each one just wants to know how much it weighs.
The suitcases are still just suitcases – but how are they different now that there are many and each is inside another? Ok, we’ll say it – this next series makes us think of Tetris and Rubik’s Cube. How’d ya like to have Mr. Johansson around the next time you gotta rent a storage unit?

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