Van Gogh’s Sunflowers for Andover

We’re coming up fast on the opening date for our new store in Andover. As is the Big Picture way, it is the responsibility of our existing stores to design and frame the art that will hang in the new location and show off what custom framing can bring to a piece. We recently finished a version of Van Gogh’s Sunflowers.
When debating how to frame their own items, customers will often say, “Well, it’s just a poster.” This was just a poster that we bought online. Take a look at it now! The handsome frame from our Big Picture collection along with an appropriate mat design make it look as good as the real thing. That’s a suede mat on top, followed by a fillet, and an alpharag mat on the inside edge. The v-groove just before the fillet exposes the white core of the suede and creates an eye-catching detail. Now, can you really imagine it being framed any other way?
Well, okay – maybe like one of the originals in Amsterdam. Van Gogh made 5 versions of the Sunflower paintings with the intention of impressing friend and fellow painter Gaughuin. It’s fun to say “Van Gogh” and “Gaughuin.” Try it. It’s also fun to hear someone with the proper accent say it. Here, listen…

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