Color photos?! From the moon?! Shocking!

Two brothers brought us these original pages from a “souvenir edition” of The Detroit News. One of their parents had just passed away and they wanted to frame some of the items stored in the family’s attic. They settled on the moon landing photos published on August 5, 1969. We often frame newspaper articles, but rarely this old. The paper was in surprisingly good shape – obviously stored with care, but also because The Detroit News deemed it a “keepsake”, worthy of being printed on 50 lb enamel stock. Pretty interesting in a time when we’re seeing the rapid decline of newspapers.

The “first color moon photos” taken on July 20 that year are seen both on the cover and in a 2 page spread when the cover is opened, so we had two copies to work with. The piece of information that got our attention was the technical detail that the article goes into.
“These pictures were taken by Aldrin and Armstrong, using specially modified 70mm Hasselblad cameras, worth $11,600. Each camera, weighing 2.3 pounds, was fitted with a 38mm F – 4.5 Zeiss Biogon lens with a focusing range from 12 inches to infinity. Shutter speeds ranged from time exposure to 1-500th of a second and were set manually. Aldrin used one camera inside Eagle. Both used specially processed Ektachrome EF (ASA 125) to withstand extreme heat and cold. The camera used on the moon was left behind to avoid bringing lunar contamination to earth.” Good, ’cause we certainly don’t want any of that yucky lunar contamination on Earth.

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