New Yorkers make art out of hurricane prep for Irene

Well, maybe “make art” is a little generous. But our cousins to the south did have an approach that was somewhat endearing, albeit not well-informed. Some of our staff have lived in Florida and can tell you that, yes, people certainly do put big Xs of tape on their windows when faced with a hurricane. But it doesn’t do diddly-squat. Ya gotta resort to marine plywood over the glass if haven’t got storm shutters. But who knows? Perhaps looking tough and applying a New York attitude is what saved these establishments.
Being designers (after a fashion), we can’t help but chuckle at the Apple store. Yeah, they got it right – sandbags and tarps, no glass – but it just looks so orderly with no garish colors. There must be an app for that.
The grand prize goes to this new residential building. They were absolutely not *&%$?# around!

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