The Amazing Tale of the New Frame Store

Come one, come all! Peer behind the curtain! The curtain of mystery that veils countless secrets. Secrets of… how a Big Picture Framing store begins!
The new Andover location is nearly ready – drum roll please! Our fearless leaders and BPF owners, Bob & Barry, hard at work assembling what will be the shelves for finished custom jobs. They’re the only ones of our entire staff who know how to assemble those accursed shelving units. Seriously. The rest of us are afraid to learn how it’s done.
Meanwhile, store manager Jimmy has the envious job of arranging the wall of frame corner samples. That’s great Jimmy, but the third one from the left is a little crooked.

Frank, our warehouse manager, and Bob have set up more locations than they can recall. They’ve perfected the project to the point where it’s more fun than it is work. After more than a decade, the experience means that each store gets better and better.

Well, faithful reader, you’ve seen more in one blog post than most people see in an entire lunch break wasted surfing online. Can your mind grasp what has transpired in these once confidential photographs? Can your heart survive the thrill of adventure found only in tacking down carpet? Dare you return tomorrow to hear Bob & Barry say, “The new store will open ________”? Yes, you darest!!

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