Don’t know how to draw? Try sleeping

You’ve heard of sleep walking, but Lee Hadwin of North Wales experiences sleep drawing. Ever since age four, the 37-year old nurse has been making art in his sleep. The condition has doctors baffled – they can’t even determine what stage of sleep Hadwin is in when his creative impulses kick in. “I wake up in the morning and whatever is at the side of my bed is there,” he told the BBC. Hadwin’s learned to keep a sketchpad, brushes, and other art supplies next to his bed. Particularly now that some of his art sells for up to six figures. Sometimes drinking before bedtime will produce an episode, but other than that there don’t appear to be any triggers. Hadwin can go months without it happening, and then have 2 or 3 sessions in a week. By his own admission, he’s not a decent artist when he’s awake and he’s never studied art. “It’s never interested me at all,” says Hadwin.

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