Paint by number. Or else.

This past weekend at the Seattle Center Pavillion was Bumber By Number, an interactive paint-by-number exhibit curated by Marlow Harris and JoDavid for the 2011 Bumbershoot Arts Festival. It inlcuded over 40 modern, contemporary, abstract and pop surrealist artists who were given vintage completed Paint-by-Number paintings and asked to alter them in their own style. This covered bridge by Fantagraphics favorite Jim Woodring is a good example of the results.

Our favorite may be Jim Dever’s Duck’s Revenge.Chris Crites, chose this classic sailing ship.
John Brophy with his “Gift Horse.”
Janet Galore had a unique take on the paint-by-number version of “Blue Boy”. Before…
…and after.The show featured an interactive audience participatory paint-by-number homage to Edouard Manet’s “The Picnic” by artist Ryan Feddersen. We can’t find how this turned out so please comment below if you’ve seen the finished result somewhere.
Here’s a video of a visit to the Paint-by-Number Salon by Treasure Hunter’s Roadshow, hosted by Andy St. Claire.

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