If ya want something done right…

If you spend half as much time online as we do, then you may have seen this ad by London-based Johnny Kelly that uses stop motion animation. Many who first saw it thought that it was done with computers because of how smooth and seamless the visuals are. But we’ve included a behind-the-scenes video by the production team at Clapham Road Studios that shows how it was done. Let’s start with the video itself for those of you who haven’t seen it…

Now, remind yourself again that this was created with traditional stop motion animation techniques. It’s true that some modern tools were utilized. For instance, the figures like the farmer and his family were created using 3D printers. But in our minds, that’s trumped by many of the low tech tricks that are revealed in the making-of video. Check out the brilliant method that’s used to precisely “move” the pigs along the conveyor belt, 3:50 into the clip.

As custom framers, this approach wherein each set piece is specifically crafted to suit the needs of the artistry is very appealing. The entire production is endearing – we love the tactile quality of the world depicted and the soundtrack really completes the mood. Willie Nelson’s interpretation of Coldplay’s “The Scientist” pulls at your heartstrings and snips a couple of ’em, too.
Thanks to Mad Men, any of us can appreciate the value of a good advertising campaign. This team not only succeeded in communicating Chipotle’s message, but they embodied the message of singular production in the communication itself.

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