How to sew a drawing

See, that’s the thing – you go years without seeing any pin & thread art and then BAM! All of a sudden yer hip deep in artists using pins & thread.
Okay, maybe not hip deep. But we did notice a few sites this past week featuring Dominique Falla’s entry for the Positive Posters competition, “We are all a Part of the Same Thing.” We wanted to feature some work that didn’t get the same kind of hype. Debbie Smyth is a UK artist who does wall-sized illustrations that are much more organic. These pieces are part textile art, part drawing. We like that there’s no pretense about what the medium is – she’s not trying to make these appear as if they’ve been done with anything but thread and needles. Before you make a final judgement on these, we recommend you watch the video at the bottom – it includes some time-lapse footage of Smyth working on one these installations. First off, you can’t get a sense of how big these are from just the still photos. And you’ll see right away that there’re several different skills involved, along with a lot of planning.

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