This is our best Speed Racer impression

What does this scene look like to you?

If you said, “A company of custom picture framers unleashing years of pent-up aggression by laying down some serious rubber,” you’d be right. But in a good way. Saturday night, Big Picture Framing held its annual company party at F1 Boston, an amazing indoor kart racing facility in Braintree, MA. We weren’t sure what to expect but were eager to give it a try. Whoever didn’t feel like racing had a great view of the track from an upstairs restaurant. But those of us who chose to step into a racing suit and strap on a helmet, well… Let’s just say that some of us are pretty competitive. No quarter was asked and none was given, even when Bob & Barry were on the track. So our jobs must be pretty secure. We got to do 4 races, and when it was over this blogger doubts anyone could’ve handled
another lap. On Sunday morning, we all had a lot more respect for the upper body strength of professional drivers.

Afterwards, Bob & Barry had reserved the pool hall for us. After catching our breath and sizing up our oh-so-important racing stats, it was time to test our mettle on the green felt. Fortunately, pool isn’t as physically taxing as racing. Hanging out with each other and talking about stuff other than work was a great way to celebrate another incredible year. Even tho’ we often speak to one another on the phone in a typical workday, we may go the entire year and never see each other face-to-face. So it’s a lot of fun to suddenly meet your fellow framers in person and find that you have more in common than just work. Like being equally bad pool players.
So, whattaya think for next year’s company party, guys? Group sky diving?

two words: Pool Shark

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  • jimmy  On October 4, 2011 at 11:06 pm

    I’m going to win the race Ah Ha!

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