Nerd alert: Framers heart New York Comic Con

Two of our store managers happened to both be at NYCC this past weekend. Yes, they survived. Yes, it was a mob scene. And yes, there were giant chickens dressed as Boba Fett. Here’s the scoop…

Joe had a table in Artist Alley. He and his partner TJ Dort were promoting their small press comic book, The Underburbs. It’s about a gloomy little girl named Angela whose life changes when she finds herself up against Winifred, a vampire girl from another dimension. Between the engaging characters, great sight gags, and manga-style art, The Underburbs has started to get some notice, including praise from independent comic book icon, Dave Sim. If you’ve ever read his epic, Cerebus, you know that’s saying something!

Jake went simply as an attendee. “I’ve been to the San Diego Comic Con twice, but never NYCC. It was a huge production with plenty to shop and see. The crowds were so intense on Saturday, that I cut my 4 day pass short, but I’d already had my fill at Thursday’s sneak peek and on Friday. My favorite part is always the cosplayers (people who show up in costume), so I took plenty of photos. I found some books at good prices and scooped up a few toys that were exclusive to the convention. The real treasure I found was an original piece of art. It was a page from the first issue of the recently released Aquaman #1! I’d never bought an original before, but I love the character and I think this particular scene of him going into a restaurant is really unique. My mind is already reeling about how I’ll frame it!”

Here’re some more pics of those cosplayers Jake mentioned – looks like everyone had a blast!

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