A long time ago in a custom framer’s far, far away

“He’s a card player, gambler, scoundrel. You’d like him.”
Okay, before we get all Star Wars intensive and bore you with quotes, here’s what we’re talking about. A customer brought us an 8-page comic book story starring Lando Calrissian – the Billy Dee Williams character from 2 of the Star Wars movies. This was a stand-alone short story that appeared in one issue of the anthology series, Star Wars Tales. A noteworthy tidbit is that it was done by Gilbert Hernandez, a writer and artist who’s well-known in the comic book world for the acclaimed independent comic book, Love and Rockets. He’s rarely known to work with any characters other than his own.
Just so we’re clear, these are the original pages that the publisher used to print the story. They’re hand drawn, hand inked, and hand-lettered. As we were working with them, we marveled at all the little details that could be seen on the paper; errors that had been whited-out, non-repro blue pencil corrections, and guide lines in pencil that the letterer used in the word balloons. The pages are on bristol board and about 11″ X 15″ each.
Along with our customer, we decided that the best way to frame the 8 separate pages was to put them in 2 frames, 4 pages each. This way, they could still be read in sequential order and it would mimic the look of panels on a typical comic page.

The story is light and humorous. It depicts a young Lando and his droid assistant out to collect a reward from some aliens who are being terrorized by a giant monster. Lando is convinced that the mission will be a piece of cake, but there are a couple of surprises waiting for him. The twist at the end is cute and Hernandez’s style of clean, simple lines lends itself to the compact story.

We were so excited that we forgot to photograph the frame – it’s a matte black, flat-faced frame, wide-enough to accommodate the size.

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