What kind of art do fish like?

Sure, knowing how to paint takes some talent, but knowing how to paint underwater? – now that’s a skill! The members of the National School of Underwater Painting are trained scuba divers who create their art at depths between 2 and 20 meters. The water doesn’t get in their way – they use canvases covered with a waterproof adhesive coating and apply paint with a palette knife rather than a brush. No, the real obstacles are time and light. Their oxygen tanks allow them just 40 minutes to finish a piece. And the deeper they dive, the harder it is to discern colors. Sub-aqua painter Denis Lotarev explained: “An artist has to take into account the depth he is working at, and what color he sees on his palette. Because the colours change on the surface. Red turns brown and even black.” A group show that was created in the waters of the Black Sea is now on display at the Swallow’s Nest castle, one of Ukraine’s most renowned art galleries.

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  • By Brandon Garnes on December 3, 2011 at 11:12 am

    Brandon Garnes…

    Im obliged for the article. Cool….

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