Amnesty International makes the invisible visible

The German Street art collective Metalgassi worked with Amnesty International, along with Wieden + Kennedy creative team Lisa Jelliffe and Kirsten Rutherford, to bring attention to some of the year’s most prominent human rights abuse cases. This is the second year that they’ve participated with AI to use street art to highlight individuals who’ve been unjustly imprisoned or killed. Unruth, a site that covers street art around the world, reports

The 6 individuals highlighted in this year’s work include Fatima Hussein Badi, who faces the death penalty in Yemen after an unfair trial, Jabbar Savalan, who is in prison in Azerbaijan for his peaceful anti-government activism (including comments he made on Facebook), and Natalia Estemirova, a Russian human rights activist whose murder has not been brought to justice.

The project appears in 26 sites across Wales, Ireland, Germany and Denmark. We really enjoyed how the age-old and basic optical illusion is especially striking and makes the viewers in the video stop & take notice – proving that the old adage “simple is best” holds true in most superior art works.

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