2011 – Year of the Street Artist

We’re closing in on our 200th post as well as the end of 2011. So we’ll do some reflecting this week, beginning with a subject that dominated our blog this year: street art. Call ’em vandals, call ’em comedians, whatever you may think of this movement there’s no denying that it’s become ubiquitous. It’s safe to say that such a low-tech, low-cost expression of art would not have gotten so much notice without such a thing as the internet. The term “street art” is used to encompass so many types of expression, but the two determining factors certainly seem to be A) an outdoor setting, and B) well, “B” is a little harder to define. Street Art Utopia posted “106 of the most beloved Street Art Photos” of the year and we recognized many of them from our own articles and other appearances online. Seeing so many pieces of street art in one place leads us to think that “B” quality might be a certain naiveté crossed with whimsy. Add a pinch of love for pop culture. And don’t forget a healthy dose of humor. Perhaps that common denominator among street artists is that they are the crying-on-the-inside clowns of the art world.
These are our favorites of the ones we hadn’t seen before. The only downside is that we can’t frame ’em!

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