Big Picture Framing frames 2011

For our final post of 2011, we asked BPF owners Barry & Bob to say a few words.

2011 was a great year for Big Picture Framing. Our wonderful staff continued to design beautiful framing and provide truly fantastic and honest service to our customers. We thank them from the bottom of our heart! Also, we want to thank all our customers for entrusting us with their most precious items and supporting us throughout the past 11 years!The company opened it’s 14th store in Andover/North Andover in September to rave reviews. This store was the first to receive our new sign and logo as well as our exciting new interior look, which features a mural depicting the art and craft of custom framing. Also, we launched a fully updated website that includes an online photo processing and framing program where customers can upload their photographs and have them framed.

Barry Stahl & Bob Clayton

Wow, this is our 200th post! What better time to celebrate as we say goodbye to 2011. We’ve gotten a great response to the blog in its first full year. In our efforts to bring you topics that are both entertaining and informative, we’ve been learning a lot ourselves. We look forward to widening the scope of HWBPF in 2012 and hope that you’ll keep coming back to find out what we’ve got to share.

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