Richard Shilling’s sculptures will leaf you speechless

Richard Shilling uses only natural materials such as branches, leaves, and berries to make outdoor sculptures. This isn’t a new idea – it’s called land art. If you’ve ever stepped inside a Barnes & Noble or Borders bookstore, chances are that you’ve seen coffee table books of sculptures by land artist Andy Goldsworthy. Shilling has certainly put his own spin on the art form. He combines the natural sunlight with his chosen materials the way that a painter uses lighting in a still life to create certain effects. Many of the pieces shown here might have blown away or simply come apart shortly after the photo was taken because they’re entirely natural and at the mercy of the outdoor elements. But that doesn’t bother Shilling. On the contrary, it’s part of why he sees his entire process as a metaphor for life.

Many times I’ve said land art is all about the process, the doing, the feeling, the seeing. And it’s high time I tried to remember that as autumn will be over all too soon. A life lesson about fleeting existence, the transience and flux of all there is. If you don’t take the time to stop and listen then that moment is not grasped but gone forever.

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