Meet New England’s master chainsaw sculptor

The moment that local artist Jesse Green walked into our Milford location, it was obvious that we were in for a treat. He was carrying a Rubbermaid bin full of items and a label on the front that clearly read “Frame Me.”
Since 1997, Jesse “The Machine” Green has been “carving dreams into reality” with his trusty chainsaw. His business card declares “Trees and stumps transformed!!” The storage bin was chock-full of newspaper articles reporting his wide array of public and private sculptures. As we began working with him on the frame designs for each article, we realized that even tho’ we didn’t know Jesse, we recognized his work. His sculptures are all over the Greater Boston Metro area!
His website is full of photos and info about how The Machine has built such a huge body of work. There are plenty of videos showing how the sculptures take form. We like how he includes the story behind each of the featured commissions. We even learned some local history, like in this piece of Casey at the Bat –

Casey At The Bat, Mudville: “The classic American poem that’s said to originate in Holliston, MA! I was commissioned for this exciting project by “The Mayor Of Mudville” himself, a man named Bobby Blair and the assignment was to replace his ailing, original Casey Sculpture [which over the years had garnered national attention] with one that was a bit more Disney-like. The grand unveiling for the NEW Casey was held on the poem’s anniversary, it included a parade (which I participated in) and was attended by visitors from all over the country!!”

Harvard, MA: “This ‘organic form’ from an Ash Tree stump was a commission for a very well-known, very well-respected Landscape Architect named Mamie Wytrwal and her husband, Dave for their own, private residence!”

Chad Urmston, AKA: “Chadwick Stokes of the bands; Dispatch and State Radio! He commissioned me for this piece after reading about me in the paper and I carved it for him while he was in between tours, just weeks after Dispatch sold out 3 nights at Boston’s TD Banknorth Garden (where the Celtics and Bruins play)! Story is: Chad’s Great Great Great Great Great Great (I forget how many greats.. haha) Grandmother is THE FACE on the Liberty Penny also known as ‘The Indian Head Penny’. (He has the penny as a pretty good-size tattoo on his arm.) So we used her head and I imagined up a body to pull a spirit like no other out of this beautifully located, wonderful old tree on his family’s famed Cloudberry Farm!”

“One of the funniest commissions I’ve gotten to date! A Plumber Plunging An Exploding Toilet for Eldridge Plumbing And Heating on Pleasant St. in Ashland, MA. This project was featured in the 1st story that NPR did on me and has attracted LOTS of attention! Haha”

If it looks like Jesse is always smiling in these photos, it’s not just for the camera. He was like that in person, too – you can tell right away that he works so hard because he’s doing what he loves.

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