You call THAT a mirror?!

Your easiest mirror solution

Have you ever wondered what the world’s first mirror looked like? Well, wayyyyy back in the day you had to stare into a still body of water. Yeah, just try fixing your hair at a 90 degree angle over a puddle. After that got old, someone was clever enough to invent the iMirror by polishing volcanic rock. The earliest known samples were pieces of obsidian found in modern-day Turkey, dated May 27th, 6000 BC (we’re guessing about the date.)
When folks figured out that polishing metal was the way to go, the whole mirror thing really took off. Mesopotamia’s chain of “Here’s Looking at You” stores released a line of polished copper mirrors in 4000 BC while similar products were catching on in Egypt. In 2000 BC, China was very into bronze mirrors. And bamboo. And pottery.
To kick off the first century properly, the people in modern-day Lebanon came up with the first metal-coated glass mirrors, using stuff like gold leaf and molten lead. Thank goodness! Because that gets us to 1835 when German chemist Justus von Liebig invented the silvered-glass mirror. That’s pretty much the great granddaddy of yer contemporary mirror. Altho’ rather than silver nitrate (cause that stuff is icky!), today’s mirrors are made with aluminum backing. Yay!
“How exactly is it done?” Funny you should ask…

Okay, that’s all well and good, but the real take away here is the fact that custom framed mirrors are 40% off at all of our stores through the month of February.
See what we did there?

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