It feels like my innards are wrapped into a tiny paper tube

We’ve featured some pretty incredible and unique stuff on here, but Lisa Nilsson’s “Tissue Series” made us cross-eyed in amazement. These cross sections are made entirely of paper using a process we’ve featured before called quilling – the art of tightly wrapping little strips of paper for structure and sculpture. Nilsson wraps the paper around items like drill bits, dowels, and *shudder* pins. She does other kind of art too, but in regards to all her work she says, “The common thread I see among them is my attraction to the intricate, multifaceted, complex, detailed and time-consuming. I tend to work on a small-scale.” Yeah, no kidding!
The paper: Japanese mulberry. The boxes containing each cross-section: hand-made by Nilsson. The result: awesome. Nilsson is a graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design and she lives & works right here in MA.

via This is Colossal

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