Your walk in the snow could have been a drawing

What do you see in the photo above? At first glance, it could be a pattern stitched into a sheet of fabric – there’s not much sense of scale to it. Ah, but then we find it’s much, much larger than that, but perhaps just as delicate. Sonja Hinrichsen created this snow drawing last month with the help of 5 volunteers at Rabbit Ears Pass in Colorado. The photos were taken by a local pilot during a flyover. But the lyrical, drifting video was captured with a camera mounted on a remote-control helicopter while the piece was being created. In fact, there’s a point in the video where you can see one of the volunteers at work. Being artists and designers ourselves, our minds go to the “hows?” of this lovely work of art – we wish the video had shown more of the making-of. How much planning was required? How long did it take? Were there mistakes?
Then again, not knowing the “before” and only the “after” makes the piece that much more magical.

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