Spring cleaning like a boss

Who enjoys spring cleaning? And not just your run-of-the-mill, clean-out-the-garage spring cleaning, but some extreme spring cleaning! Say, like renovating almost an entire frame store. Go on, raise your hand. Ok, you in the back? Yeah, you with your arm sticking up – you’re nuts!
But nature abhors a vacuum (not that kind of vacuum) and sometimes change is necessary. When your carpet is falling apart and kinda stinky, change is necessary and it looks terrific. So we gave our Arlington location a well-deserved face lift. Jane, the store manager, told us about installing the new carpet – “It entailed dismantling, ya know, everything, and then putting it back together again. Took an hour or so disassembling some stuff the night before, all day the next day, and a good chunk of the day after that putting everything back where it belonged and just getting our bearings again.”

Who feels like pulling up some carpet?

C'mon, guys! This'll be as easy as one...

... two ...

... wait for it ...

... three! Well, we're nearly there.

The other big change was a brand new wall for their frame corner samples. It features a photo mural that will soon be in all of our stores. Jane said, “I think the new murals on the wall will help answer the common question ‘Do you do the work here?’ and set customers’ minds at ease that what they bring in isn’t going anywhere, and the person they originally worked with will be right there when the work is done. I’m also really excited about having two sets of moulding samples. It’s great for busy days when multiple customers might want to look at the same frame, but also when it comes to visualizing the finished piece, it helps to put two samples in opposite corners.”

Ya gotta love that new corner samples wall!

The Arlington location is one of our oldest stores, originally opened in a space just up the street on Mass Ave in August of 2000. Five years later, it moved about a block to its present location at the intersection with Park Avenue. Pretty soon, the outside will get a face lift, too. We’ll have pics for ya of the new awnings and a spiffy new paint job before long. Stay tuned!

a BIG Picture thank you to Christine for the photos

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