What new color is this?

Pop quiz: “Blossom” is A) an awesome 80s TV show, B) one of our new suede mats, or C) the condition of flowering? If you said it’s one of our new suede mats, you’re a total framing nerd and we love you! We’ve switched out some of the choices in our mat and frame programs to include some interesting new options that would please even the pickiest art critic. In addition to the Blossom suede mat, we’ve added some silk mats: Navy, Spartan, White, Ancient Stone, Forest Floor, and Majestic Brown. (“Spartan” and “Ancient Stone” sound awesome, but frankly, we think they just phoned in “White.”)
We’ve added over two dozen new frames with even more on the way. They offer a variety of new textures, colors, and shapes. We now have a simple maple frame that ought to go over big with Ikea lovers and baseball fans. We’ve already had a lot of success with some of the subtler tones that the metallic finishes offer, including one we’ve been calling “penny copper” that looks good on practically everything!
Come in to any of our locations and check ’em out yourself. Like all of our custom framing, we guarantee the lowest price on these new materials, as well as an unconditional lifetime guarantee on your finished frame design.

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