Phil Hansen teaches you how to think… with Coke

What do you get when you cross Beakman, Martha Stewart, and street artist Banksy? It’d probably be Phil Hansen, a multimedia artist whose website is called Phil in the Whaaat? His mission is to inspire viewers to find creativity in everyday behavior and express it with commonplace materials. Hansen believes that nurturing one’s creative potential won’t simply produce art, but more importantly, help you find new ways of looking at the world and
changing the way you think.

The PITW goal is a new mindset: a different kind of awareness for rethinking categories, gettingout of ruts, and challenging accepted norms. I call it “everyday” creativity because PITW isabout inspiring just that: creativity that stays with you all the time, that takes you from theordinary to the unknown by fusing together different processes to create unexpected outcomes.

This sounds like a good idea to us. Besides, it looks like a lot of fun. This video of How-to-Paint-with-Coke is a great example.

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