It’s better than using magnets on the refrigerator

It’s not like we really keep track, but safe to say that kids art is something we frame more than almost anything else. Everyone loves kids art – it’s colorful, imaginative, and unrestrained. If the picture was made by your own child you certainly have a connection to it. As framers, we get a real kick out of making a child’s art look as important as it is by putting it in a frame.
In addition to all of the custom solutions we have for kids art, we offer a line of ready made frames that are specially geared to the task. And now they have a new look! As part of the face lift that our stores are getting, the kids frames have some new packaging that’s awfully cute. The brightly colored wood frames come in three standard sizes. We make them with shatterproof plexiglass so that any accidents won’t result in injuries. They’re available in red, green, blue, yellow, and purple. So next time you want to put the household’s newest masterpiece on your bulletin board at work, think of framing it first – it’ll last longer and it deserves the same effort that little Degas or little Frida Kahlo put into it.

Oh, yeah – they look great with big people art, too!

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